"Simple and Convenient, the New Solution for Traffic School in Tampa Bay!"

Flex Traffic School is a new alternative to offer you Traditional Classroom and Online courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Tampa Bay. We have a highly trained bilingual (English & Spanish) staff. We also are trained by the National Traffic Safety Institute. Our school and curriculum are certified by the State of Florida and accepted in all 67 counties.

Basic Driver Improvement Class 4-hrs

If you have a Florida Driver's license or you received a ticket in Florida, then the 4 Hour Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course is for you! By taking the class, you will not receive any points on your record for the current violation, your insurance will not increase as long as there is no accident associated with the ticket, and your safe driver status will be maintained.

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New Driver's Class 4-hrs

If you are getting your driver’s license for the first time, the State of Florida requires all applicants to complete and pass a learners permit course called the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse and Education (TLSAE) Course. You are required to complete this course before you apply for your driver’s license.

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Safe New Attitude Program 4-hrs

Been ordered by the court to take an under 25 youthful offender course? The 4 hours SNAP Class is part of a sentencing judgment after receiving multiple infractions in a short period of time, exhibiting aggressive or immature driving tendencies and receiving major violation(s). Its helps young adult students mature into becoming responsible and courteous drivers.

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Driving While License is Suspended or Revoked Class 8-hrs

Did you receive a violation for driving on a suspended license or a revoked license? The Driving While License is Suspended or Revoked (DWLS/R) course is an 8 hour Court ordered class. It is used by the court as part of the sentencing process to help a student work toward reinstatement of their License.

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Intermediate Driver Improvement 8-hrs

This course is a Court ordered class that is 8 hours long. This is for those who have received multiple citations, have committed serious traffic violations, and/or have been involved in multiple collisions.

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Aggressive Driver Class 8-hrs

Been ordered to take an 8 hours aggressive driver class? This course is designed to help the drivers with multiple traffic offenses over short time period, which shows signs of aggressive driving behavior or have citations for street/drag racing.

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Advanced Driver Improvement 12-hrs

This 12-hour course is usually taken by drivers with excessive points or by drivers with a revoked or suspended license. (There is no relation to DUI courses). If your license is about to be suspended or is already suspended, a judge may authorize you to take this course.

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So You Got a Ticket

What Do You Do?

You just received a fine. You have to make a decision within 30 calendar days from the day you received the fine. What should you do?